Origami World

Did you know the word ‘origami’ came from the Japanese word ‘oru’ means ‘to fold’ and ‘gami’ means ‘fold’ and that exactly what we do paper folds.

There’s nothing quite like the joy you get from transforming a plain square piece paper into a container,flower,animal,on any decorative thing….

It still put a smile on the face when we complete an origami.

All origami shapes start the same way, one square of paper. Thousands of symbols and figurines – all different in appearance – can be folded from the same material.

It’s incredible to watch an ordinary piece of paper transforming into a three dimensional form, and the more complex the design, the more incredible this process becomes…

I would love to share more pics with you,which may make you interest on Origami.

for further more interest you may go to these links to have some funs and enjoy them.


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