The rememberence…….



Its a story of  friends where they were traveling together in an festive occasion.

Their name were Mashina & Pebby. That day i remembered..we came to railway station as it was festive occasion the station was looked big flood of peoples.Usually they board their train only by afternoon,so they will have their meals by buying in some hotel. Sometimes they may have some juice in an shop which have been very made familiar ,as they were boarding regularly.


The shop’s vendors were so friendly with her as they were going to their home a long time after they were exited.Pebby reached that shop got some eatables .Pebby said wishes to one of the vendor,he seemed to be happy after hearing without know him he smiled and said his wishes too but the most exited moment is he don’t know fluent English , but he tried his level best…others nearby were seemed to be smililed by his try.

That thing made her very happy and she further made her journey lovely.

Then she went to mashina,where she usually buy their tickets for them the queues were like a long snake… They got our tickets and had some juice in the nearby  shop.They crossed the subway .The train was waiting, They searched for a place for boarding…..They preferred places boarding with small cute children,family members.That day they met a family with two girl children named sushi and jamshi,both were sisters and their age may be 3 and 2.

Sushi was an elder girl and a calm type, but just an opposite was her sister .Jamshi was so naughty,when someone make her cry …no one can manage her..Instead her mother made her a habit of listening to the music at the time of crying made her to change her mood…Its lovely see that habit in her..

By seeing those cuties they remembered their young age playing with their small puppets and really felt that they were missing that moments….

After some stops Pebby and Mashina reached their place with full of joy and enthusiasm in celebrating their festive weekends..Till then they were traveling in that train and meeting some same character whom they are in their life and enjoying their coolest moments…

Recalling your present and remembered in future...!

Recalling your past…in present and remembered in future…!

It Quite not a long story but the moments we see in our passing  life will make us remembering the things we did and we enjoyed.

Its Quite hard to accept many thing we did may be serious in that moment and seems to be very funny  while thinking of that things..Thanks to my friend whom encouraged me to write this ..
Hope this may give you some remembrance of your small things too…

Thanks for reading guys.



Sweet letter…….

A letter to my brothers/sisters,

I m one of you guys to say this…..I ever felt bad to tell to my well educated and educating brothers and sisters.We all know the social websites and networks.We all have many accounts to chat,communicate with every other ones .Many of them ,even we ourselves get addicted without our conscious .


By making concentration over that social networks many of them losing their own life spans,even their small enjoyments.After the technologies being developed and even developing ,some of them making us lazy in our works even many times we miss our loved ones by various ways.

Im not here to say “don’t go for social networks.”

Im just saying “please give limited response over that works.”.

You may miss some small things,joys in your way of life like love,care from persons and many.Some may need your true love and care and they may be disappointed of your things even some may get rid of their relationships .

Kindly request all you guys please use your accounts with limited interest ..Have fun and joy with your surrounding neighbors rather enjoy your life by making many good friends not only by networks but also by giving attention to them in reality things.

Thanks for patiently reading and hope after this you may have get lot friends not only through networks but also through  your sweet  surroundings.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 your’s lovingly,


See your neighborhoods too

See your neighborhoods too

The day I (we) missed myself…

The day I missed  myself…

When I was just seeing babies .I may see myself in their faces, the days we enjoyed without knowing what is happening and what we are doing.

We missed that days……

The day we started walking along with parents holding their hands with our little palms..:-)with those very cute innocent looks..i missed those days…holding our parent’s hand..We now miss the eye with innocent looks…

We miss those days…….

The day we went to school with tears dropping , with small bags ,chalks…seeing new faces…we make frnds…

We miss those days……

The days we scribble as we know, but parents wish as we are the most beautiful painter in that place..even we now too still remember the scribbling……

We miss those drawings………

The places were we (first) friends we meet, make promises ,do  some mischiefs….

We missed those days…..

The days we will be waiting for holidays so that we may have entertain the whole day…with friends or even with parents..

We missed those days……

The games which we play with our collides both indoor & outdoor games…with parents…in cold /in sunny days…we depend on them…

We miss those days…..

The days we go for assembly in queues making funs…getting punishments…While national anthems…giving nick names to friends with innocent speech..

We missed those days…….

The days we longed for going out with friends without any restrictions…we enjoy the day as we may be more rememberable at many moments..

We miss those days……

The days we highly eager in our birthdays….who is telling the first wish..

The day we We miss those days…………….

We miss the things when we like most will be given to that we may make ourself correct out heart……we miss those things..

By getting old we may miss our leisure times which could be spent with our family…

We miss those days..

Now also we still remember the days we laugh with our loved peoples……with some hurts……

The scolding’s of teacher’s may be irritated felt once will be good encouragement today we think….

We miss those scoldings……

The days we will be waiting for our friends visit….will be felt as a sec as a hour.

We miss those days………

The days we will be having many business to do but we may think ,we are the leisure person and have a great joy with our friends in a place which will be our mark place of that area……

We miss those place

The day which we got a first prize or first grade are the moments which could be rememberable till our life…

We miss those days……..

The day we miss our need dependency will remind us we are the one to be proved best before all…

The places were we may be discarded may once reveal us to their appreciations may hold that day very remarkable……..

Finally I say I may miss many things…but I have followed days to be enjoyed and to be prove myself to a very great extend in my life…………….

With pleasure your friend –BHANI……..(*_*)