Parental Friend

To All my frnds…..

We are the younger generation and the future pillar of our world..We face many things which make us joy , memories,sorrow, moody,love,parental care,carelessness…many things.Im here now to talk about not all these things,but quite few things.Iam here to talk about the things we share we do with our parents…

In Many things, our parents are not like us, they may not hear our stuffs with our mentality.But i think we can make a small stuffs to change them and we can keep them as our life long friends in various situations…My opinion is make them fell comfortable by making their things with some pleasure,they will enjoy it..and u may share your small day today incidents.

We can ask for any small decisions with them so that ,they may feel free to express their opinion and even they can give some tips more than that in many situations and in critical conditions.They can view with their experience and we can have an more safe and good choices we can make.

Even if many things we dont wana share them, they know what we do and what we will  be thinking .By our movements and even our habits even they watch us silently .Those times maximum they may be giving guidelines even we dont say our correct situation we face,problem we are facing .They may see some changes , sometimes those may be not good for us.Better we can consult with them with some suggestions.

Care Takers ...

Care Takers …

I would like to share my experience..

I and my mom have similar mindsets, she used to be giving guidelines with upto her level just like my ever friend .By seeing me she can identify what i did? , am i facing any problems? , a small changes im changing in  my attitudes and she may enquire voluntarily.If i were afraid to say such things she may give her a speech about her incidents she met and make me feel free to tell my problems to her . As a relief i may share all my things both good incidents and bad incidents to her when time permits and she may say some things what i have to change and encourage some attitudes.Likewise she used to be like me with my frnds and even with my circle .

The way you give them freedom in you for them ,they will treat you as you are “prince/princess” beyond their parental care and friendship.They will teach you your life and define the word “friendship“.Lots to be discussed on this topic ,i could make another content with better discussions .

thank you ,



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