The rememberence…….



Its a story of  friends where they were traveling together in an festive occasion.

Their name were Mashina & Pebby. That day i remembered..we came to railway station as it was festive occasion the station was looked big flood of peoples.Usually they board their train only by afternoon,so they will have their meals by buying in some hotel. Sometimes they may have some juice in an shop which have been very made familiar ,as they were boarding regularly.


The shop’s vendors were so friendly with her as they were going to their home a long time after they were exited.Pebby reached that shop got some eatables .Pebby said wishes to one of the vendor,he seemed to be happy after hearing without know him he smiled and said his wishes too but the most exited moment is he don’t know fluent English , but he tried his level best…others nearby were seemed to be smililed by his try.

That thing made her very happy and she further made her journey lovely.

Then she went to mashina,where she usually buy their tickets for them the queues were like a long snake… They got our tickets and had some juice in the nearby  shop.They crossed the subway .The train was waiting, They searched for a place for boarding…..They preferred places boarding with small cute children,family members.That day they met a family with two girl children named sushi and jamshi,both were sisters and their age may be 3 and 2.

Sushi was an elder girl and a calm type, but just an opposite was her sister .Jamshi was so naughty,when someone make her cry …no one can manage her..Instead her mother made her a habit of listening to the music at the time of crying made her to change her mood…Its lovely see that habit in her..

By seeing those cuties they remembered their young age playing with their small puppets and really felt that they were missing that moments….

After some stops Pebby and Mashina reached their place with full of joy and enthusiasm in celebrating their festive weekends..Till then they were traveling in that train and meeting some same character whom they are in their life and enjoying their coolest moments…

Recalling your present and remembered in future...!

Recalling your past…in present and remembered in future…!

It Quite not a long story but the moments we see in our passing  life will make us remembering the things we did and we enjoyed.

Its Quite hard to accept many thing we did may be serious in that moment and seems to be very funny  while thinking of that things..Thanks to my friend whom encouraged me to write this ..
Hope this may give you some remembrance of your small things too…

Thanks for reading guys.