Sweet letter…….

A letter to my brothers/sisters,

I m one of you guys to say this…..I ever felt bad to tell to my well educated and educating brothers and sisters.We all know the social websites and networks.We all have many accounts to chat,communicate with every other ones .Many of them ,even we ourselves get addicted without our conscious .


By making concentration over that social networks many of them losing their own life spans,even their small enjoyments.After the technologies being developed and even developing ,some of them making us lazy in our works even many times we miss our loved ones by various ways.

Im not here to say “don’t go for social networks.”

Im just saying “please give limited response over that works.”.

You may miss some small things,joys in your way of life like love,care from persons and many.Some may need your true love and care and they may be disappointed of your things even some may get rid of their relationships .

Kindly request all you guys please use your accounts with limited interest ..Have fun and joy with your surrounding neighbors rather enjoy your life by making many good friends not only by networks but also by giving attention to them in reality things.

Thanks for patiently reading and hope after this you may have get lot friends not only through networks but also through  your sweet  surroundings.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 your’s lovingly,


See your neighborhoods too

See your neighborhoods too


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