Friends of life…

The only charecters which could ever last from our first small smile to cry  is our parents.

Mother is the only world where she teach all the diciplines,little tricks in many situations even she grow with us like another child but as an responsible child.

Mother is the only life where she serve us the whole things to us from their breathing air to the last wish  .

The only thing we should take from our mother;s life is her love …like…wish….

Mother holds her child’s hand for a while……ie upto her death.

The only love that i belive is the parental love for their children.

The day when we hold our parent’s hand with our cute little fingers will not be remembered ,but after many things happened we desire/ even long to hold their hands for their support to withstand many things.

Holding their hands make us feel secured even many changes come…..

Every day holds her contribution from our first wakeup to our night dreamz….like..she wake us like a little guy as she feel we are too small to her even our ages grow,She grow like us as we grow …

Dad is the part of the life,he give us our confidential works to meet challengable part of our lives…

I hold his hand as my friend giving support at every moment to chher me in every second of my life.

He give us the his all his attention of making  us to climb in the mountain of full obstacles .I am happy  that I have you both by my side to take care of me, to protect me.

Love u Mom and sweet Dad.


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