Be a Responsible Mankind.

We want only good thinks happen to us :-).To have good thinks u should be doing good thinks others.First of all we may think we can make good thinks by making small mistakes,thats wrong.Some may think “small lies may lead to one good job” ,it may be right at very few places . I critialy oposse this.We should make us responsible for each and every things we do .Some things which made my facmake a clean world with our responsibilitieses sad on seeing public like

1.Making untidy the surrounding by putting wastes.

   this may lead too even many dangers like dseases, even make the earth untidy.just imagie if u were wetted with dirty mudy water how u wil feel like wise think our mother Earth hw come she could feel.


2.Spitting in public.

   This may lead totransmit many diseases like TB,comon cold,even many things…….not only in road bt also in traffic area,this may make people irritable.think how contaminate the Earth.

3.Tree cuting.

      when we cut our hand with any sharp things we know the pain.Likewise feel/just thing how could the tree feel…..????? by cutting trees the crearures live survive in those trees may even hav habitual problems,this also leads to underground waterlevel problems,mineral deficients in land surface level..manthing…so and so.

4.Not expressing their capabilites may even lead to some mistakes.

Even also many things that may diguise us .go green


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